About Us

Mission Statement

Over 45,000 kids in Rhode Island don’t have access to clean, new underwear, socks and diapers. Project Undercover provides these necessities to children living in poverty. We do this by engaging our community, increasing public awareness and partnering with other agencies for the betterment of children.

Vision Statement

Every Rhode Islander will know that underwear, socks and diapers, along with food and shelter, are basic childhood necessities.

  • All kids in Rhode Island will have access to clean, new underwear, socks and diapers.

  • Project Undercover will meet the emergency needs of 45,000 kids by supplying 1,000,000 diapers and 180,000 pairs of underwear and socks every year.

Values Statement

  • All people should be treated with respect, dignity, compassion and integrity.

  • Our community is obligated to provide the bare necessities to all kids in need.

  • Every child has the right to a clean, dry bottom.

Board of Directors

Executive Director

Shawna Lawton
Email: shawna@projectundercover.org
Phone: 401.871.5866

Executive Committee

Richard Fleischer
Email: richardf@rhodybeat.com
Phone: 401.529.0947

Frank DePetrillo
1st Vice President
Email: francod1@aol.com

Jeanette St. Pierre
2nd Vice President
Email: jeanette@providenceonline.com

Carina Couruoyer
Email: carina_cournoyer@brown.edu

Jessie Kanter
Email: jkanter@blumshapiro.com

Lisa Mardenli
Email: lisam@rhodybeat.com

Abby McQuade
Email: amcquade@notdoneyet.net

Nina Pande
Email: npande@federalhillhouse.org

Jeanne Rogers
Email: jrogers@grsri.org

Elizabeth Sheridan
Email: esherida@dhs.ri.gov

Jeannine Vachon
Email: jvachon86@verizon.net

Stephanie Oster Wilmarth
Email: slo25@aol.com

Project Undercover's
New Coloring Book

Project Undercover's New Coloring Book (Click here for more info and to download your copy)

Did you know?

  • Nearly 40,000 R.I. children currently receive some form of government assistance and need some basic items.
  • To date Project Undercover has successfully collected and distributed two million items to Rhode Island's poor children.
  • Rhode Island has the highest child poverty rate of the six New England states.
  • Lack of adequate undergarments is an educational concern. Children without these basics suffer from low self-esteem and are distracted from their education by physical discomfort.
  • Corporate partners and sponsors of Project Undercover can help by either giving a monetary donation, holding their own drives, or both.
  • Lack of adequate diaper supply is a health issue. Infants and toddlers require from six to 12 diapers a day.